Features & Amenities:
  • Electricity
  • Camp Attendant
  • Two way radio communication
  • Hand crafted pine furnishings
  • Hot/cold running water
  • Showers
  • New Lund boats (2 people per boat)
  • Padded swivel boat seats with backrest
  • 15 HP motors (plus spares)
  • Unlimited gas
  • Unlimited ice
  • Full sized gas ranges
  • Full size electric refrigerators
    with freezers
  • Full size freezers
  • Gas barbeques
  • Screened in fish cleaning house
  • Wood stoves for heat
  • Plenty of firewood
  • All cooking and eating utensils
  • Large decks for sitting outdoors

Our Deluxe Wilderness Lodges

Enjoy the comfort of one our 2 housekeeping lodges on Whitewater Lake or the Ogoki Reservoir. These lakes range in size from 25,000 to 35,000 acres with some of the areas most spectacular walleye and northern pike fishing.

Cabins of log or frame construction and fully equipped with full sized electric refrigerators, propane ranges, electricity, wood stoves for heat (plus plenty of firewood), beds with mattresses, all cooking and eating utensils, hand made pine furnishings and plenty of ice for packing your fish. All camps are equipped with late model Lund boats; late model 9.9 horsepower Mercury motors (plus spares) and an unlimited supply of gas.

At both the Whitewater Lake and Ogoki Reservoir camps we have a camp attendant on site to make your stay as enjoyable and productive as possible. This individual's duties include cleaning the boats and cabins between groups, cleaning the fish house, cutting firewood, directing you to the best fishing spots and generally keeping the camp neat & tidy.

Ogoki Reservoir

The Ogoki Reservoir covers over 34,000 acres and is 35 miles in length. This reservoir was formed as a water diversion to divert water flowing north and east to James Bay, south into Lake Nipigon for hydro generation on the Nipigon River. Construction on the project took place during the 1930’s and the dams were closed in 1942 combining three lakes into one large body of water.

Ogoki Reservoir is best noted for it’s above average size walleye ranging from 3 ½ to 4 lbs in large numbers and it also produces large northern pike, whitefish and sturgeon.

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Whitewater Lake

Our Whitewater Lake lodge is located in the heart of Wabakimi Provincial Park. The lake covers over 26,000 acres and is almost 25 miles in length with the Ogoki River flowing in on the west of end of the lake and out on the northeast end.

Whitewater Lake provides some of our most spectacular northern pike fishing for those after the big one. Each season we see northern pike caught exceeding 30 lbs. Walleye are extremely abundant, averaging 2 ½ to 3 lbs. The lake boasts some of the nicest sand beaches in the north.

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